Current Titles / Titres

All About Dandelions: An Herbal Celebration

Beyond the Holidaze: Re-using Your X-mas Tree

DIY Beeswax Wrappers

DIY Cosmetics: Radical Home Ec Body Products

DIY Face Scrubs: A Treat For Your Skin, The Planet, & Your Wallet

DIY Sustainable & Affordable Cleaning Mini Zine

Grow Your Own  Nerve Soothing Garden

For the Love of Apple Cider Vinegar

For the Love of Sauerkraut

Herbalism & Digestive Health

Herbalism Preparations Methods 101

Herbalism & Stress

Herbalism & Stress: Herbal Support for Mental Health & Trauma

Introduction to Radical Home Economics: Choose Your Own Adventure

Making It Last: Food Tips & Activity Book

PRACTICAL MAGIC:protective herbs for the home & kitchen herbalism

Winter Remedies: Herbs for Your Kitchen Apothecary


Upcoming Titles / À venir bientôt

inFESTations: Radical Home Ec Solutions for Unwanted Guests

Radical Home Ec 102

For Bodies With Ovaries

These titles tend to reflect the workshops we give. Some are meant to accompany workshops, while others are standalone zines.