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Bath Bombs

Tangerine Coconut Dreams

Tender Lather Times

Provence Breeze

Vetiver Cardamom Rose

Winter Forest

Bath Soaks

Amethyst Inspired Soak

Anti-inflammation Potion

Rose & Cedar Exhaustion Soak

Carnelian Soak

‘Queen Guinevere’s Hope’  Soak

Smokey Quartz Soak

Sleepy Time Hops Potion

Sweet Sleep Hops Soak

Witching Hour Amethyst Soak

Blue’s Beeswax Wraps

Various Sizes

Body Butters

Shea, Mango, Avocado, Sweet Almond Butter

  •      Frankincense/Cedarwood
  •      Lemongrass Tangerine

Pregnant Belly Plant Butter Buddy

Cacao Mango Avocado Butter

Healing Butter

Nipple Butter

*Body butters are made with several favourite blends of plant fats & herbal infused oils*

Burning Blends

Bear Hug

Brew O’Clock

Briar Rose

Cup of Cold

Dreamwork Blend

Hearty Blend

Lung Care Blend

Marjoram Moment

Marsh & Meadow

Sailor’s Blend

Sensory Plus Blend

Skullcap Twist

Sweet Tulsi

The Other Spear


Pam’s Go-To Simple Deo (Various Scents)

Coco Shea Deo (Various Scents)

Coco Mango Deo (Various Scents)

Probiotic Clay-Based (Various Scents) – *Baking Soda Free

Diatomaceous Earth Forest Blend – *Baking Soda Free

Facials & Masks

Camellia Juniper Facial

Cleansing Grains – Calendula/Chamomile

Cleansing Grains – Roses/Poppy

 Hibiscus & Fireweed Clay Mask

Gentle Herbs Red Clay Mask

 Sea Kelp French Clay Mask

Rose of the Sea Mask

Fire Cider

‘Blue Fire’ Cider

‘Dragon Fire’ Cider

‘Hearth Fire’ Cider

Herbal Dry Shampoo

Light Tones

Mid Tones (reddish tones)

Dark Tones

Herbal Honeys


Herbal Infusions

A Cup A Day

Anti-Inflammation Potion

Anxietea Remedy

Boreal Shift

Boreal Dawn Tisane

Bye Mucous Bye

Cuppa Verbana

Cold & Flu Herbal Rescue

Crescent Moon

Cystitis Remedy

Demeter’s Brew

Destress With this Cuppa

Energizer Herbal

Fever & Flu Aid

Floral Immunitea

Herbal Calcium Potion

Herbal Chai

Herbal Coffee

Lungs & Throat Coat

Malva & Papaya

Migraine Moon Tea

Moon Time

Moon Migraine

Purple & Gold

Relax & Chill Tummy

Sleep Aid

Simple Pleasures

The Other Spear

Tender Flower Power

Treasure Pleasure

Tulsi Times

Turmeric Brew

Wild Bee Balm Dreams


Arnica St-John’s Clove Pain Salve

Bye Bug Bye

Calendula Chamomile Honey Salve/Lip Balm

Cayenne Joint Pain & Inflammation Salve

Cayenne & Labrador Tea

Devil’s Claw Headache Buddy

Eczema Soother Salve

Flying Ointment

Oregano Healing & Decongesting Salve

Plantain Aloe Coco Buddy & Lip Balm

St-John’s Wort Soreness Salve

Soup Stocks

Change of Season Soup Mix


* single herb*

California Poppy




Holy Basil (Tulsi)






Spring Valerian

Spring Violets

St-John’s Wort




Adrenal Buddy / Adapto – Aid

Ashwaganda / Eleuthero

Clear Skin

Concentration Potion

Cystitis Remedy

Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate

Mending Hearts

Moon Time

Pink Moon

Sleepy Buddy

Summer Flower Medley

*Made with vodka unless specified. Can be made with ACV & vegetable glycerin.*

*** If you would like a customized product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. ***

Stock varies seasonally but these products can be made to order.