..-**-. Apothecary / Apothicaire ..-**-..


Bath Bombs / ‘Bombes’ pour le bain

Tangerine Coconut Dreams

Tender Lather Times

Provence Breeze

Vetiver Cardamom Rose

Winter Forest

Bath Soaks / Mélanges pour le bain

Amethyst Inspired Soak

Anti-inflammation Potion

Rose & Cedar Exhaustion Soak

Carnelian Soak

‘Queen Guinevere’s Hope’  Soak

Smokey Quartz Soak

Sleepy Time Hops Potion

Sweet Sleep Hops Soak

Witching Hour Amethyst Soak

Blue’s Beeswax Wraps / Emballage en coton cirés

Various Sizes

Body Butters / Beurre pour le corps

Shea, Mango, Avocado, Sweet Almond Butter / beurre de Karité, mangue, avocat, amande

  •      Frankincense Cedarwood / Frankincense et bois de cèdre
  •      Lemongrass Tangerine / Citronelle et tangerine

Cacao Mango Avocado Butter / Beurre cacao mangue avocat

Healing Butter / Beurre tendre

Nipple Butter / Beurre d’allaitement

*Body butters are made with several favourite blends of plant fats & herbal infused oils*

Burning Blends / Mélanges à fumer

Bear Hug

Brew O’Clock

Briar Rose

Cup of Cold

Dreamwork Blend

Hearty Blend

Lung Care Blend

Marjoram Moment

Marsh & Meadow

Sailor’s Blend

Sensory Plus Blend

Skullcap Twist

Sweet Tulsi

The Other Spear

Deodorants / Déodorants

Pam’s Go-To Simple Deo (Various Scents)

Coco Shea Deo (Various Scents)

Coco Mango Deo (Various Scents)

Diatomaceous Earth & Probiotic Clay-Based (Various Scents) – *Baking Soda Free


Facials & Masks / Masques et nettoyants d’argile

Camellia Juniper Facial

Cleansing Grains – Calendula/Chamomile

Cleansing Grains – Roses/Poppy

 Hibiscus & Fireweed Clay Mask

Gentle Herbs Red Clay Mask

 Sea Kelp French Clay Mask

Rose of the Sea Mask

Fire Cider / Cidre ardent

‘Blue Fire’ Cider

‘Dragon Fire’ Cider

‘Hearth Fire’ Cider

Herbal Dry Shampoo / Shampooing sec

Light Tones

Mid Tones (reddish tones)

Dark Tones

Herbal Honeys / Miels infusés


Herbal Infusions / Mélanges à infuser

A Cup A Day

Anti-Inflammation Potion

Anxietea Remedy

Boreal Shift

Boreal Dawn Tisane

Bye Mucous Bye

Cuppa Verbana

Cold & Flu Herbal Rescue

Crescent Moon

Cystitis Remedy

Demeter’s Brew

Destress With this Cuppa

Energizer Herbal

Fever & Flu Aid

Floral Immunitea

Herbal Calcium Potion

Herbal Chai

Herbal Coffee

Lungs & Throat Coat

Malva & Papaya

Migraine Moon Tea

Moon Time

Moon Migraine

Purple & Gold

Relax & Chill Tummy

Sleep Aid

Simple Pleasures

The Other Spear

Tender Flower Power

Treasure Pleasure

Tulsi Times

Turmeric Brew

Wild Bee Balm Dreams

Salves / Onguents

Arnica St-John’s Clove Pain Salve

Bye Bug Bye

Calendula Chamomile Honey Salve/Lip Balm

Cayenne Joint Pain & Inflammation Salve

Cayenne & Labrador Tea

Devil’s Claw Headache Buddy

Eczema Soother Salve

Flying Ointment

Oregano Healing & Decongesting Salve

Plantain Aloe Coco Buddy & Lip Balm

St-John’s Wort Soreness Salve

Soup Stocks / Mélanges  pour bouillon

Change of Season Soup Mix

Tinctures / Teintures mères

* single herb*

California Poppy




Holy Basil (Tulsi)






Spring Valerian

Spring Violets

St-John’s Wort




Adrenal Buddy / Adapto – Aid

Ashwaganda / Eleuthero

Clear Skin

Concentration Potion

Cystitis Remedy

Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate

Mending Hearts

Moon Time

Pink Moon

Sleepy Buddy

Summer Flower Medley

*Made with vodka unless specified. Can be made with ACV & vegetable glycerin.*

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