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Cold & Flu Herbal Rescue / À la rescousse: rhumes et grippes

Ingredients  mint (pepper & spear), yarrow, elderflower, elderberry, thyme calendula. Ingrédients menthe (poivrée et verte), achillée, fleurs et baies de sureau, thym et calendule. How to Prepare an Infusion  For each 1 tsp of herb, use 1 cup of water Put herbs in a china or glass teapot. Boil water, pour into teapot, put a… Continue reading Cold & Flu Herbal Rescue / À la rescousse: rhumes et grippes

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Our 3 Fire Ciders: Winter 2018

Fire Cider is a folk remedy. It is used as an immunity boosting tonic and digestive aid and is made from herbal infused apple cider vinegar. Also referred to as ‘Fire Tonic’, we first learned of this recipe from Rosemary Gladstar and our friend Iman, a fellow herbalist. Since then, we’ve developed our own take… Continue reading Our 3 Fire Ciders: Winter 2018

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Adaptogenic Soup Stock Blend

Blueberryjams Blend # 1: Astragalus root, codonopsis root, goji berries, and chinese wild yam + maitake, shitake, and reishi mushrooms. This stock blend is based on Change of Season soup – a recipe recommended to us by our N.D. friend Katia De Marco. This recipe promotes deep immunity and helps the body with big seasonal transitions.… Continue reading Adaptogenic Soup Stock Blend