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Special Times Special Syrup: Forest Immunity Temps anormal, sirop spécial: Bonté de la forêt

FOREST IMMUNITY SYRUP chaga*, reishi, rosehips, spruce tips, maple syrup, brandy infused with vanilla Take 1tsp a day to boost immunity. Keep in refrigerator for up to 1 year. Ways to take syrup: Take directly by the spoonful. Add to juice, water, and tea. Warm and room temperature beverages are recommended to help thin mucus.… Continue reading Special Times Special Syrup: Forest Immunity Temps anormal, sirop spécial: Bonté de la forêt

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Herbal Chai / Mélange chai

Herbal Chai Mix Ingredients: oven dried ginger, astragalus, eleuthero, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, & star anise* *our blends can vary slightly and can include/switch ingredients above with fennel, all spice, licorice root, and/or codonopsis root   Blended for: Deep immunity, digestive aid, and adaptogenic trauma support. Herbal Safety Most of our blends were made for a specific person… Continue reading Herbal Chai / Mélange chai

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Workshop playlists by Holobody

At our Dark of Winter Herbal Spa event, we had the pleasure of playing sounds curated by local musican Holobody (Luke Loseth). Holobody has also kindly curated the playlist for our yearly Dandelion Celebration, which is coming up in May. Holobody’s works are music to breathe to including drone sets, experimental and ambient electronic, devotional… Continue reading Workshop playlists by Holobody

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Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or

GOLDENROD OXYMEL An ancient folk remedy for sore throats, oxymels combine apple cider vinegar and honey, sour & sweet. When infused with herbs, oxymels can be used for sore throats, immunity boosting, and for taking otherwise less palatable herbal remedies. Ingredients: goldenrod, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar. Uses for Goldenrod: Used for seasonal allergies,… Continue reading Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or