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Letting Go Tincture / Teinture mère Lâcher prise

  Ingredients: violet flowers & leaves (Viola spp), dandelion blossoms (Taraxacum officinale), burdock root (Arcticum lappa), vodka Safety w/ Herbs When using new herbs, verify that they are not counter indicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. Start with small doses and listen to your body. The information found here is intended for… Continue reading Letting Go Tincture / Teinture mère Lâcher prise

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Meet Our Infusions: Spring Breeze, Boreal Shift, & Heart Balm

Most of our blends were made for a specific person, intention, or to support someone with a specific ailment in mind.  We encourage you to use the herbal infusions you get from Blueberryjams as an opportunity (or prompt) to get to know the plant medicines they contain. We recommend, like Rosemary Gladstar, that you learn… Continue reading Meet Our Infusions: Spring Breeze, Boreal Shift, & Heart Balm

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Our Herbal “Coffee” – Notre «café» de pissenlint

** GLUTEN FREE / SANS GLUTEN  **    roasted dandelion, chicory, & burdock root, spice blend: rosehips, cinnamon, ginger, beetroot, celery seed, and cumin. racine de pissenlit, chicorée et bardane, églantier, cannelle, gingembre, betterave, graines de céleri et cumin. *** Brew in a French Press or Coffee Percolator as you would coffee (1 tbsp per… Continue reading Our Herbal “Coffee” – Notre «café» de pissenlint

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Workshop playlists by Holobody

At our Dark of Winter Herbal Spa event, we had the pleasure of playing sounds curated by local musican Holobody (Luke Loseth). Holobody has also kindly curated the playlist for our yearly Dandelion Celebration, which is coming up in May. Holobody’s works are music to breathe to including drone sets, experimental and ambient electronic, devotional… Continue reading Workshop playlists by Holobody