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Dark of Winter Elixir / Élixir ‘coeur de l’hiver’

Dark of Winter Elixir Not too long after giving a Crafting Elixirs workshop, I thought it might be nice to offer an elixir for the upcoming 2020/2021 winter. I know many folks find winter hard at the best of times and so, I made this blend to help bring a bit of herbal support/care during… Continue reading Dark of Winter Elixir / Élixir ‘coeur de l’hiver’

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Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

Blue Lotus Tincture / Teinture mêre lotus bleue Ingredients: Nymphaea caerulea petals & stamens*, vodka *It took more than three years to find a sustainable and more ethical source of Blue Lotus for my personal use and to offer in small batches with BBJ. Much of what is on the market is obscure – and can… Continue reading Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

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Bath soaks tiny guide / p’ti guide des mélanges pour le bains

HOW TO USEThere are a few different ways you can use your soaks (in bath tubs or tubs for foot/hand soaks). 1. You can put your bath soak directly in the tub. A good tip for avoiding clogging is to use a small scoop strainer to remove the plants before pulling the plugs. 2. You… Continue reading Bath soaks tiny guide / p’ti guide des mélanges pour le bains