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Hypnotic Blend Tincture

Ingredients: humulus lupulus, passiflora incarta, scutellaria latiflora, melissa officinallis, matricaria recutita, Eschscholzia californica, vodka Safety w/ Herbs When using new herbs, verify that they are not counter indicated with any existing medical issue/medications you are taking. Start with small doses and listen to your body. The information found here is intended for educational purposes and is… Continue reading Hypnotic Blend Tincture

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Comfrey Salve / Onguent de consoude

Ingredients: comfrey infused in olive oil, beeswax Properties: anti-inflammatory, contains property that encourages new cell growth & speeds healing Some folks use it for: healing wounds & used for fractures (comfrey is also known as Knitbone). Caution: do not use on deep or potentially infected wounds as it will heal the surface and could potentially… Continue reading Comfrey Salve / Onguent de consoude

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Meet Our Infusions: Tender Flower Power, Anti-Inflammation Potion, & Relax + Chill Tummy

Most of our blends were made for a specific person, intention, or to support someone with a specific ailment in mind.  We encourage you to use the herbal infusions you get from Blueberryjams as an opportunity (or prompt) to get to know the plant medicines they contain. We recommend, like Rosemary Gladstar, that you learn… Continue reading Meet Our Infusions: Tender Flower Power, Anti-Inflammation Potion, & Relax + Chill Tummy

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Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

Blue Lotus Tincture / Teinture mêre lotus bleue Ingredients: Nymphaea caerulea petals & stamens*, vodka *It took more than three years to find a sustainable and more ethical source of Blue Lotus for my personal use and to offer in small batches with BBJ. Much of what is on the market is obscure – and can… Continue reading Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

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Bath soaks tiny guide / p’ti guide des mélanges pour le bains

HOW TO USEThere are a few different ways you can use your soaks (in bath tubs or tubs for foot/hand soaks). 1. You can put your bath soak directly in the tub. A good tip for avoiding clogging is to use a small scoop strainer to remove the plants before pulling the plugs. 2. You… Continue reading Bath soaks tiny guide / p’ti guide des mélanges pour le bains