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Bless Your Heart Elixir / Bénir son coeur, ptit élixir

BLESS YOUR HEART ELIXIR This elixir (oxymel) helps support the nervous system, tend to the heart, and help with some stress related pains (menstrual, nose bleeds, etc). It is both a tonic remedy and heart-crafted practical magic. Ingredients: milky oats, roses, raspberry leaf, a few yarrow flower clusters, apple cider vinegar, and wild flower honey.… Continue reading Bless Your Heart Elixir / Bénir son coeur, ptit élixir

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Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or

GOLDENROD OXYMEL An ancient folk remedy for sore throats, oxymels combine apple cider vinegar and honey, sour & sweet. When infused with herbs, oxymels can be used for sore throats, immunity boosting, and for taking otherwise less palatable herbal remedies. Ingredients: goldenrod, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar. Uses for Goldenrod: Used for seasonal allergies,… Continue reading Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or