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Deep Tones Grounding Oil & St-John’s Wort Anointing Oil

Our Deep Tones Grounding Oil & St-John’s Wort Anointing Oil are massage & ritual oils blended for herbal protection during times of vulnerability, for meditation and grounding, and for pain relief. They are based on folk herbalism and practical magic. DEEP TONES GROUNDING OIL  V.1 ingredients: tulsi, burdock root, sunflower & grapeseed oil, essential oil blend… Continue reading Deep Tones Grounding Oil & St-John’s Wort Anointing Oil

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Herbal Coffee / Café de pissenlit

  Herbal “Coffees”  ** GLUTEN FREE – BURDOCK BREW  **    Ingredients: roasted dandelion, chicory, & burdock root, spice blend: rosehips, cinnamon, ginger, beetroot, celery seed, and cumin. When using new herbs, use caution and make sure they do not interact with existing conditions and medications. Start with small amounts and listen to your body.… Continue reading Herbal Coffee / Café de pissenlit

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Nos mélanges à fumer

Qu’est-ce qu’un mélange à fumer? On parle ici d’herbes qui peuvent être fumés ou vapotés. Ils peuvent être des substituts au tabac, utilisés avec ce dernier (sauf les mélanges contenant de la molène),  ou encore combinés avec du cannabis. Ils peuvent aussi être utilisés tels quels. Les mélanges d’herbes à fumer ont des propriétés variées… Continue reading Nos mélanges à fumer

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Meet Our Infusions: Spring Breeze, Boreal Shift, & Heart Balm

Most of our blends were made for a specific person, intention, or to support someone with a specific ailment in mind.  We encourage you to use the herbal infusions you get from Blueberryjams as an opportunity (or prompt) to get to know the plant medicines they contain. We recommend, like Rosemary Gladstar, that you learn… Continue reading Meet Our Infusions: Spring Breeze, Boreal Shift, & Heart Balm