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Our body products available at Citizen Vintage Online!

Our products are available from the Citizen Vintage online store. Due to the pandemic, this is one of the top 3 ways to get our products along with door drop deliveries we organize bi-monthly locally, and limited shipping from us (we are currently building our own online apothecary & shipping capacities). You can find our… Continue reading Our body products available at Citizen Vintage Online!

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Salty Potion Salée – Scrub/ Exfoliant

SALTY POTION: Face & body scrub for acne & inflammation Sweet almond & jojoba oil, raw honey, plantain, yarrow, grey Atlantic sea salt: tea tree, rosemary, & lavender eo. How to Use Make sure to moisten face with water before using & remember to exfoliate gently. Harsh pressure can cause damage to skin. The paste is already… Continue reading Salty Potion Salée – Scrub/ Exfoliant

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Masques et soin du visage à base d’argile et de plantes

\\\ Masque camellia genévrier Argile kaolin blanche, thé vert et thé aiguille d’argent, baies de genévrier, camomille \\\ /// Grains purifiants – Rose et Pavot Argile kaolin blanche, avoine, lavande, rose et graines de pavot /// \\\ Masque d’argile purifiant et apaisant  Argile bentonite, camomille, souci et plantain \\\ /// Masque à l’hibiscus et à… Continue reading Masques et soin du visage à base d’argile et de plantes

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Our Herbal & Clay Masks

\\\ Camellia Juniper Facial white kaolin clay, green & silver needle tea, juniper berries, & chamomile. \\\ /// Cleansing Grains – Roses/Poppy white kaolin clay, oats, lavender, rose, & poppy seeds. /// \\\ Cleansing & Soothing Clay Mask  bentonite clay, chamomile, calendula, & plantain. \\\ /// Hibiscus & Fireweed Clay Mask kamarouska clay, hibiscus, fireweed,… Continue reading Our Herbal & Clay Masks

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Tiny Herbal Honeys – 2018!

Our herbal honeys come with the plant material unstrained so you can see & connect with the plant medicine inside. You can use the honey with plants directly in hot water as an instant sweet tisane. You can strain the plant matter out of the honey if you prefer. Even when  strained, the honey will… Continue reading Tiny Herbal Honeys – 2018!