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Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

Blue Lotus Tincture / Teinture mêre lotus bleue Ingredients: Nymphaea caerulea petals & stamens*, vodka *It took more than three years to find a sustainable and more ethical source of Blue Lotus for my personal use and to offer in small batches with BBJ. Much of what is on the market is obscure – and can… Continue reading Blue Lotus Tincture & Smoking Blend

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Workshop playlists by Holobody

At our Dark of Winter Herbal Spa event, we had the pleasure of playing sounds curated by local musican Holobody (Luke Loseth). Holobody has also kindly curated the playlist for our yearly Dandelion Celebration, which is coming up in May. Holobody’s works are music to breathe to including drone sets, experimental and ambient electronic, devotional… Continue reading Workshop playlists by Holobody