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New! The Purrrfect Smoking Blend

Over the past year, Pamela has been contributing to an upcoming publication compiled & edited by Camellia Jahanshahi, an interdisciplinary artist living in Montreal. Camellia, a religious and political scholar and witch, is fascinated by depictions of the sacred and the different ideas of spaces and objects where the material world and the spiritual collide.… Continue reading New! The Purrrfect Smoking Blend

Anxiety · Burning Blend · Herbalism · Ritual · Trauma Support

Our Burning Blends

What Are Burning Blends? These herbal mixes are meant to be burned. They are smoked and/or vaped. They can be used as alternatives to tobacco, sometimes mixed with tobacco (except for those with mullein), mixed with cannabis, and/or used on their own. Herbal smoking blends are valued for their varied properties many of which we… Continue reading Our Burning Blends