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Blueberryjams offers a variety of crafted products, penned texts, and skillshares with a focus on DIY, radical home economics, and herbalism through an emphasis on sustainability, creativity, and community.

Everything made by hand, with heart.


Blueberryjams offre une variété de produits artisanaux, de zines et des ateliers mettant l’accent sur les produits faits par vous-même (DIY), l’économie familiale révolutionnaire et l’herboristerie populaire.

Tout est fait à la main et du coeur.


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Blueberryjams is a small business or project (as Pamela likes to call it). Blueberryjams is a platform where her varied projects find a home and  interact and intersect. From her arts & culture writing to her crafts and to radical home economics*,  Blueberryjams is a space where Pamela’s interests and skills sprout freely and bloom often.

Blueberryjam’s recent growth was made possible with the help of friends and contributors through an Indiegogo campaign. Thanks to all contributors and supporters for making this possible.

*Term borrowed from the folks over at rootsimple.org


Originally from Saguenay Lac St-Jean, where people are referred to colloquially as unnamed-5‘blueberries’, Pamela Fillion, head squirrel at Blueberryjams, moved to bustling Montreal over a decade ago to pursue her education. Pamela is a disabled queer settler, artist, activist, crafter, keen fermenter, community organizer, and sometimes scholar. She talks quite a bit, finds her own jokes funny, is an avid reader, and enjoys copious amounts of tea. She is roomies with a chatty Siamese cat named Pikachu.

The crux of her work experience revolves around project, program, as well as organizational development and best practices with an emphasis on skillsharing, education, creativity, and empowerment. At work and beyond, Pamela has a geeky love for archiving and resource building. The kitchen and working with and around food is what Pamela considers her hearth. Blueberryjams is the result of a lively concoction of all of her interests and skills.

You can check out her Linkedin page here.

Photo by Bianca Lecompte.