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Deep Tones Grounding Oil & St-John’s Wort Anointing Oil

Our Deep Tones Grounding Oil & St-John’s Wort Anointing Oil are massage & ritual oils blended for herbal protection during times of vulnerability, for meditation and grounding, and for pain relief. They are based on folk herbalism and practical magic.

Photo of burdock flowers from our “Night Walks Pt 1” Series


V.1 ingredients: tulsi, burdock root, sunflower & grapeseed oil, essential oil blend of frankincense, cedarwood, clove, vitamin e.

V.2 ingredients: tulsi, burdock root, wood betony, sunflower oil, essential oil blend of frankincense, cedarwood, clover, & vitamin e.

The Deep Tones Grounding oil blend was created for herbal emotional support during a local poetry event based on a similar blend I used for own meditative and grounding exercises. The infused herbs were chosen and the essential oil blend is a favourite made of sacred plants, deeply rooted, with deep tones. Massage small amount around temples, on crown, on back of neck, wrists, feet, etc.

*Note that we source and use our Frankincense essential oil very carefully, rarely, and with intent knowing that it is being overharvested currently and is an important SWANA ancestral medicine. When sustainable harvesting becomes untenable, as a practice,  we replace the Frankincense in this and other products with another plant to allow for some relief on the harvest pressure. 

Fresh St-John’s Wort Flowers


ingredients: sunflower & grapeseed oil, st-john’s wort, dandelion blossoms, rosemary & peppermint essential oils.

This anointing oil was created specifically for the our first collaborative workshop with LVNEA on Practical Magic. We based it on one of our favourite salves – a blend of St-John’s Wort & Rosemary – that we’ve been using in our personal rituals for many years. Added to this, we blended with dandelion blossom oil and peppermint. Used for protection, massage of sore muscles, breast and chest massage.

We make our ointments in small batches and they are all handcrafted with herbs and oils carefully sourced. Our oils have a shelf life of approximately 1 year to  18 months depending on the conditions in which they are stored. Natural body products decompose ( or “go bad”)  with time. This is a good thing environmentally and for the health of your body. Store them out of light and away from heat. When they turn, you will notice a change in colour and the smell will change.  Store away from heat and light.

Safety w/ herbal products

Do spot tests or patch tests when using new products and ingredients. Put a small amount on the inside of your arm and wait 5- 10 minutes, or overnight even, to see if you have any adverse reactions or allergies.

The information found here is intended for educational purposes and is not comprehensive. When using new herbal products, make sure that the ingredients are not contraindicated for any pre-existing medical condition nor medication that you are already taking. These oils are not recommended for pregnant folks.  As well, when trying new herbs, start with small doses and  always listen to your body. 


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