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Poetry Chapbook – “Scrying”


” there’s this tension to the whole thing. this kind of calm that reveals itself slowly to be more of a carefully studied equanimity. the poems reflect that double nature inherent to healing so well.” – CQ of seattle-based band iffin

A small but precious trove of memories, hopes, and the many pieces that fall as one learns to know themselves deeply. The verse is reminiscent of a dark mirror: you’ll find something a little different, a little more penetrating, every time you look back and read it again.” – Gersande, writer & translator based in Tiohtiake/MTL

What’s inside?

This collection of poems spans almost a decade. Originally, the blueberryjams blog was a space for Pamela’s art & culture writing and music project. This chapbook is a return to the creative writing roots of this space. The subject matter of these works is not educational (like our zines and workshops) but, rather, intimate and introspective.

The poems in “Scrying” have been shared at various poetry readings and events in Montreal, Quebec including the Résonance Reading Series, Poetry Nite at Kafein, Dragonroot Radio, CKUT, SACOMSS Fire & Water Exhibit, Subversions Launch,  and more. The chapbook includes photography, some of which has been exhibited, as part of on ongoing series.

Available for purchase:

Hard copies are 10-15$ sliding scale and can be mailed.

A pdf e-version of Scrying is available for 6$.

If you’d like a copy, get in touch with us via facebook or e-mail (with the subject Chapbook Scrying) at:

f i l l i o n . p a m e l a @ g m a i l . c o m

Payments accepted through and via e-transfer.