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Our Burning Blends

Our first smoking blend – The Sailor’s Blend – blended for smoking in a pipe while fishing out on the lake.

What Are Burning Blends?

These herbal mixes are meant to be burned. They are smoked and/or vaped. They can be used as alternatives to tobacco, sometimes mixed with tobacco (except for those with mullein), mixed with cannabis, and/or used on their own.

Herbal smoking blends are valued for their varied properties many of which we can interact with through combustion & our lungs. For some, the ritual of smoking is spiritual. For others, smoking blends help quel anxiety attacks.

This article (with Madison Safer’s beautiful art) is a good read and references many of the sources we consulted when creating our blends.

How to use them:

Herbal smoking blends can be rolled like cigarettes, smoked in a pipe, and/or vaped. Depending on the mixture – you may need to grind and/or moisten the blend.

We do not pre-grind our blend as this makes them lose their properties & flavour more quickly. We also have to ensure they are thoroughly dried to avoid mold. {However, we are working on curing them in a way that will help retain a bit more moisture while burning more smoothly. Tests have been very promising so stay tuned!}

These blends can be harsher on the throat than tobacco & cannabis. The upside to this is that it teaches us to sit back and see how we feel & listen to our bodies. Similarly, its a bit of a blessing that these don’t burn as evenly because it gives us time to pause and see if we’ve had enough.

However, to help ease the harshness & help them burn more evenly here are some tricks:

Misting Water

One of the methods we recommend is to take a portion of your blend, place in a jar or on a dish & lightly mist it with water.

Water + honey

One of the methods we recommend is to take a portion of your blend, place in a jar or on a dish & lightly mist it with a mixture of water & honey. Some folks do it with just a tiny bit of honey which also works.

Apple slice + jar

Place some of your blend in a jar with a slice of apple. Place lid and give time to rehydrate. Some folks use an orange peel.

Lastly, most of our blends can make useful herbal infusions & tinctures. However, the proportions are ideal for burning. So, if the taste isn’t as palatable as can be, add some mint and/or lemon balm.  The big exception being the Bear Hug blend which is blended solely for smokin’.

Also, you can use several of these for smoke cleansing and as incense if needed as many contain herbs with protective & cleansing properties.


Market photo of a variety of our blends.

Our classic blends & their inspirations:

Every blend we make was originally made for a specific person & purpose in mind.

Bear Hug – uva ursi, mullein, marshmallow leaf, sage – sometimes w/ raspberry leaf

We blended this as a tobacco alternative with a neutral taste that would have few psychoactive effects. This blend should not be taken as an infusion.

Briar Rose – damiana, mullein, rose, sage – This mix was originally created for the ‘Make Out’ market a few years ago. We made it to be calming, protective, & healing with a floral taste.

Cup of Gold – mullein, raspberry leaf, california poppy, rose, calendula, sage – This blend was made in honour of our love for California Poppy. It is meant to help during panic attacks, withdrawal, pain, and to help prepare for sleep.

Dreamwork – raspberry leaf, mugwort, sage –This blend was made to not taste too floral and be a sort of neutral smoke. It helps to promote lucid dreaming and will, over time, reduce anxiety. Mugwort is not an herb you want to over do so make sure to take breaks.

Hearty Blend – lemon balm, damiana, lavender – Blended for a good pal, this helps to calm anxiety without making one sleepy. It was originally a sort of study blend for folks with anxiety that caused trouble with focus.

Lung Care – hyssop, mullein, marshmallow root, lavender – Made from herbs that are traditionally used (smoked & taken internally) to help support the lungs & respiratory system, Lung Care was blended to help support the lungs. Keep in mind that smoking remains something that must be done with moderation and remains hard on the body.

The Other Spear –  damiana, skullcap, mint, rose –Created as an anxiety helper with a minty twist.

Sailor’s Blend – mugwort, mullein, nettle, dash or rosemary or thyme – Originally blended for Pamela, this blend was inspired by plants smoked by sailors when they ran out of tobacco. An earthy, herbal taste, it is was inspired by days out on the river fishing.

Sweet Tulsi Blend – tulsi, raspberry leaf, rose, skullcap –  An anxiety blend great as a tea and in a pipe.

Wandering Star – For relaxing and taking some time for introspection & listening to good music (such as Portishead).

Our friend make lovely ceramic pipes – check out their work:     ❤ They also make our tiny mask spoons!



The information found here is intended for educational purposes. It is not meant to replace advice from your practitioner. When using new herbal products, make sure that the ingredients are not contraindicated for any pre-existing medical condition nor medication that you are already taking. As well, when trying new herbs, start with small doses and  always listen to your body.