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Salty Potion Salée – Scrub/ Exfoliant

SALTY POTION: Face & body scrub for acne & inflammation Sweet almond & jojoba oil, raw honey, plantain, yarrow, grey Atlantic sea salt: tea tree, rosemary, & lavender eo. How to Use Make sure to moisten face with water before using & remember to exfoliate gently. Harsh pressure can cause damage to skin. The paste is already… Continue reading Salty Potion Salée – Scrub/ Exfoliant

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Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or

GOLDENROD OXYMEL An ancient folk remedy for sore throats, oxymels combine apple cider vinegar and honey, sour & sweet. When infused with herbs, oxymels can be used for sore throats, immunity boosting, and for taking otherwise less palatable herbal remedies. Ingredients: goldenrod, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar. Uses for Goldenrod: Used for seasonal allergies,… Continue reading Goldenrod Oxymel Verge D’Or

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Fire Ciders – 2019

Fire Cider is a folk remedy. It is used as an immunity boosting tonic and digestive aid and is made from herb-infused apple cider vinegar. Also referred to as ‘Fire Tonic’, we first learned of this recipe from Rosemary Gladstar and in a workshop by our friend Iman, a fellow herbalist. Since then, we’ve developed… Continue reading Fire Ciders – 2019

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Flying Ointment

Flying Ointment Our flying ointment was first made for a friend and inspired by the writings & research of poison path herbalist Sarah Anne Lawless. ingredients: mugwort & wormwood infused in olive oil, beeswax, + vitamin e. Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris Traditionally used by the Romans as traveller’s protection. Associated with the moon and the ancient… Continue reading Flying Ointment